1.1. Research project
Urbanization, refugees and irregular migrants in Iran is a research project designed
to study the intertwining of urbanization, rural development, migration
and immigration processes in the Islamic Republic of Iran (later, Iran). The
specific focus is on people who originate from Afghanistan and are currently
in Iran. There are more than 3 million Afghans, including registered refugees,
Afghan passport holders with Iranian visas and undocumented migrants in Iran
(UNHCR 2017b). This research project utilizes information from earlier studies
regarding refugees and urbanization in Iran and also uses empirical field material
that was collected in Iran in October 2017.
The research was conducted in cooperation with the University of Turku (Finland)
and Shahid Beheshti University (Iran). The main responsible researchers
were Professor Jussi S. Jauhiainen (Finland) and PhD candidate Davood Eyvazlu
(Iran). In addition, research assistants were used in the collection and analysis
of the material.
To conduct the research in Iran, the important support from the Ministry of
Interior of Iran is acknowledged as well as the financial support from the Strategic
Research Council at the Academy of Finland (research consortium URMI).
We are grateful to all people who responded to our survey and let us interview
This research report illustrates briefly the general background of the project,
key findings from the survey and suggestions. However, we will continue with
the more detailed analysis.

for reading the complete report click here.

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